Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and 1.1 million followed social media phenomenon, posted a recently taken photo from the streets of Los Angeles, and he showed off the latest moments of the George Floyd protesters.

After sharing the photo of protesters, lots of fans had a bunch of conversations below the post and some of the users declared their free will of not choosing any sides.

However, over 30K people liked the latest post of Tom and showed their support for Tom.

Here is the caption of Tom:

“Los Angeles has chosen sides.”

An Instagram user, Natalia Lazo, made the most-liked comment under the caption:

“This picture is so familiar. ☹️ October 2019, Chile 💔

We are watching you. ✨ ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿”

Another user and follower of Tom wrote a criticizing comment:

Why? Can’t there be one side? You and Rage are so great. Rented a camper and drove MSP to the new valley when it rained like crazy. One of the best nights of our lives (thank you) but goddamn.

Our cops are killing folks and our towns are boarded up and burning. It doesn’t need to be you against me or us against them. We need to be better than that (just one man’s perspective). can’t wait for Rage 2021.”

You can see the latest photo of Tom Morello below.

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Los Angeles has chosen sides.

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