Raga Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello took his official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed the story behind his new ‘Lightning Over Mexico.’

The iconic guitarist loves to mention the important matters in his songs all the time, and he recently collaborated with Ana Tijoux to release a new EP, named The Catastrophists, a few days ago, and it is featuring five songs in total.

One of these songs was Radium Girls, which was telling the story of female workers who were exposed to radiation poisoning while working in the painting factories even though they had been told that the paintings are safe.

Today, he revealed the meaning of his ‘Lightning Over Mexico’ song. According to Tom, this song is dedicated to the memory of 43 Mexican students and activists who got disappeared suddenly, probably killed by the government and their agents.

Tom Morello revealed the story of this song:

“This song is dedicated to the memory of the 43 Mexican student/activists who were ‘disappeared’ and presumably murdered by the government & their agents.

A while back I played a benefit show for their families in Mexico City with Calle and after meeting the devastated families I wrote the lyrics backstage. Companera Ana Tijoux provided the incendiary bars to bring the whole thing home.”

The Catastrophists EP released four days ago, and it is featuring The Devil’s Infantry, Weather Strike (The Boody Beetroots Remix), Mary Celeste, and Keep Going songs besides the ones we mentioned above.