The Grammy Award-winning rock guitarist and political activist Tom Morello recently shared a post on his official Instagram account about his friend and former bandmate Chris Cornell. In the Instagram post, Morello shared a poem he wrote for Chris Cornell on the night of his death.

Tom Morello and Chris Cornell were bandmates during the Audioslave era. The band was formed in the year 2001 and was fell apart in 2007. After that, Chris Cornell continued with his solo career. In the meantime, Morello continued his music carrier with his former band Rage Against the Machine from 2007 to 2011.

Chris Cornell was considered to be one of the leading figures of the 90’s grunge movement. The legendary rock figure was found dead in his hotel room after a show. His tragic death shocked the music world as much as it shocked his friends and family.

In a radio program, Morello talked about his late friend saying, ‘I don’t think I’ll ever recover from his passing, but we have so many great memories. And I was just really glad that I was able to… We played an Audioslave show — the first one in 12 years — in January.’

Tom Morello shared his poem with the hashtag, #ChrisYouWillNeverBeOutshined. Here is what Morello said:

“I wrote this 4 years ago, the night Chris Cornell died:

You’re a prince, you’re a snare, you’re a shadow/You’re twilight and star burn and shade/You’re a sage, you’re a wound shared, you’re masked/You’re a pillar of smoke, you’re a platinum heart/You’re a brush fire, you’re caged, you’re free/Your vision pierces, you do not see/You are pieces strewn on a hillside/You’re open-armed, you’re armed, you’re true/You’re a revealer of visions, you’re a passenger, you’re a never fading scar/You’re twilight and star burn and shade/You’re the secret veiled, you’re the secret revealed, you’re surrounded no more/You’re not there, now you’re always here/You’re a handsome groom, a loving father, a haunted stairwell/You’re the clear bell ringing, the mountains echo your song/Maybe no one has ever known you/You are twilight and star burn and shade.”

You can check out Morello’s latest Instagram post right below.