Rage Against The Machine star and also considered as one of the most talented guitarists of all time, Tom Morello, has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page to show off his first guitar ever and told the story of it.

While sharing the story of his $50 Kay which is his first-ever guitar, he also stated that the guitar was the main reason to form his first ever band. According to Tom, he bought seventeen Sex Pistols cassette and after listening to them, he formed his music crew in 24 hours.

While Tom shared the story of his musical career, almost 30K people liked the post he’s shared recently. One of the Instagram users who liked the post was 5FDP guitarist Jason Hook.

Here is what Tom Morello wrote:

“My first guitar. A $50 Kay. SG knockoff. Lotta knobs. Didn’t stay in tune. Perfect. Got it at Rigoni Music in Libertyville, Illinois. Took two lessons which I hated and then it sat in a closet for 4 years untouched. Then at 17 I bought a Sex Pistols cassette and formed a band within 24 hrs, culling beginner musicians from the Libertyville High School Drama Club. Wielded this guitar in that band, The Electric Sheep.

First-ever shows and recordings. When I got a better guitar this one went back in the closet. For about 30 years. Pulled it out a while back, cleaned it up, and have been recording with it ever since. Like today.”

You can check out the post below.