Rage Against The Machine co-founder and frontman, Tom Morello, uploaded a new photo of himself with ex-Styx singer Dennis DeYoung and revealed the story behind their collaboration for ‘The Last Guitar Hero‘ via his Instagram account. 

Dennis DeYoung and Tom Morello are both successful musicians of their genre, and they teamed up recently. DeYoung has released a lyric video for his new single, ‘The Last Guitar Hero,’ featuring Tom Morello. The track belongs to DeYoung’s upcoming album ‘26 East Vol. 2‘ and we will be able to listen to the whole album through Frontiers Records on June 11. 

’26 East Vol. 2′ is the follow-up to his previously released album, ‘26 East Vol. 1,’ and it is pretty essential for DeYoung fans since it is the farewell album of his 50-year music career.

Tom Morello posted a picture of himself with Dennis DeYoung via his verified Instagram account and revealed the story of their hooking up for their new song ‘The Last Guitar Hero.‘ Morello said that DeYoung approached him and asked whether his music is familiar to Morello or not.

Morello also mentioned his response to him, revealing how he likes to listen to those great Styx songs every time at a local bar and the honor of working with him. Both artists look happy to be together in the picture, and the caption of Morello also supports this impression. 

Here is what Morello said:

“When Dennis DeYoung (the singer of STYX) sheepishly approached me about playing a shredding solo on his song ‘The Last Guitar Hero’ with the attitude ‘Hi Tom, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with my music but…’

I said, ‘Stop right there! EVERY single time I’m in my hometown I PACK the jukebox at the local bar with those great Styx songs all night long! Man Of Miracles? Renegade? Suite Madam Blue? Mr. Mother Flippin’ Roboto?! Fellow Illinois rocker, it would be an honor.’”

You can listen to ‘The Last Guitar Hero’, and check the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit Tom Morello – Instagram