In a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello explained the creation of ‘Machinery of Torment’ done for ‘Metal Lords.’ According to Morello, D.B Weiss chose him instead of Zakk Wylde for the movie’s sound because he loves metal music more.

Tom Morello, who has contributed to Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, has recently been focusing on his solo career while creating soundtracks for movies and video games besides being an actor. He appeared in films like ‘Sounds Like a Revolution’ and ‘Iron Maiden: Flight 666.’

Morello wrote the song ‘Machinery of Torment‘ for the movie called ‘Metal Lords,’ written by Game of Thrones writer D.B. Weiss. The song is performed by the fictional band named ‘Skullflower’ in the movie.

In a recent conversation, Tom Morello explained that he met D.B Weiss thanks to their sons playing in a school band together. Morello said that they felt an instant bond at the first meeting since he was wearing a Judas Priest shirt while Weiss was wearing Mastodon. When Weiss offered him to play for ‘Metal Lords,’ Morello accepted it by thinking he wanted to do it.

Morello explained in his words:

“D.B Weiss and I are heavy metal Dads at school, our kids know each other, and they actually play in a band together. Dan was the guy in a Mastodon shirt, and I was the guy in the Judas Priest shirt; we are both from the Chicago suburbs, and so we bonded over that before we even got to talking about Game of Thrones or Rage Against The Machine. Dan told me about the idea for this movie and would I like to be involved; that is low-hanging fruit; I would love to do it.”

Tom also explained the reason Weiss chose him instead of anyone else. He described himself as an outcast, a black man with afro hair in Dio shows who loves metal music so much. According to Tom, Weiss did not choose Zakk Wylde because he is more passionate about metal music.

Morello explained his opinion on why Weiss chose him instead of Zakk Wylde:

“For me, I was always an outcast amongst outcasts. I was the only black kid with an afro at every Dio show, kind of a double outcast. Dan could have got Zakk Wylde to do this, but Zakk Wylde doesn’t love heavy metal as much as I do! He might look like he does, but he doesn’t!”

You can listen to the song and watch the trailer below.