Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello celebrated the Pride Month by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

As you might already know, Pride Month firstly celebrated back in 1969. Since then, LGBTQ+ communities have been promoting equality and self-affirmation as well as their rights.

On the first day of Pride Month in 2021, Tom Morello wanted to show his support to the LGBTQ+ communities and celebrated this special event by sharing a picture that he has been uploading for every year.

In the caption, Tom mentioned that he has been sharing this picture every year for Pride Month and called out his followers to reconsider everything if they are against these celebrations.

Here is what Tom Morello wrote:

“Happy Pride y’all! Every year I post this wonderful improvement on the classic Dukes Of Hazard look and every year it attracts the most vitriolic outrage.

So pause and reflect: if you are following this account and you prefer the Confederate flag to this here happy rainbow flag I invite you to kindly reconsider, well, everything.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Tom Morello – Instagram