Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake recently appeared as a guest on the WSOU radio station and opened up about the band’s long-awaited forthcoming album, ‘Immutable,’ which will arrive very soon.

The band was formed in 1987, and they have been praised for their original approach to music, complex style, and layered song structures. They have a special place in the history of metal and have been a source of inspiration for the new generation of metal bands.

The band’s latest studio album, ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason,’ was released on October 7, 2016. The album revolves around themes like terrorism, religion, and extremism. The album generally received positive reviews from critics and was praised especially for unconventional song structures and strong guitar sounds. It has been six years since the band released any new material, but their new record, ‘Immutable,’ will arrive on April 1, 2022.

During a recent interview, the band’s drummer, Tomas Haake, reflected on the making process of the album and stated that they were delighted with their creations. They spent a lot of time on the record to reflect the best of themselves. They finished it after the deadline, but they are really content with the writing, mixing, and recording process.

Haake noted that this album has a warmer sound than their previous albums. However, it still carries a dark atmosphere similar to them. The pandemic has had a significant impact on them, so the lyrics also reflected their mood in this ongoing period. The drummer added that the lyrics are mostly about what is going on worldwide, so they also include some social commentary.

Tomas Haake’s statements on the band’s forthcoming album:

“We’re pretty stoked how it came out. We definitely took our time with this one. And compared to most other albums we’ve done, those have always kind of been very stressful — ‘It needs to be done by now’ — and we always kind of delivered masters at whatever time period was planned, which, a lot of times meant it was going to be stressful. So this time, we weren’t going to have that, so we definitely took our time, both writing it but especially as far as the recording process itself.

I think our first deadline for this album was supposed to be July 1 of 2021. I think we delivered it in, like, October or something, so it was, like, four months later — something like that. We had to kind of go back and forth in the mixing process, and it added time. But we’re stoked how it came out. We like both the production and also as far as the tracks themselves and how it all turned out. So we’re definitely proud of it.

You can watch the full interview below.