Tommy Lee, the iconic drummer of Mötley Crüe, has looked back on the whole journey of the band for almost 40 years and admitted that he doesn’t understand how they’re still alive after all those crazy times for four guys coming from L.A. to the world stage.

During the recent interview he gave on KFC Radio, Tommy Lee has talked about the massive effect they created upon the music industry beginning from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

As Crüe is getting ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary next year with ‘The Stadium Tour,’ Lee has recalled all the years gone by and spoken about becoming one of the biggest bands in the world.

Tommy Lee has expressed his surprise at their evolution and said, for some reason, they were just at the wrong place at the right time. He explained that they were just these four guys from L.A. that somehow put a band together.

The band blew up and they went around and toured the world, just created mayhem everywhere, he added. Lee also admitted that he can’t figure out how all the band members are still alive, referring to their extreme lifestyle.

As you may remember, Tommy Lee released his solo album, ‘Andro,’ which he has been working on for two years, on October 16, 2020, via Better Noise. The first songs from the album, ‘Knock Me Down’ and ‘Tops,’ were released in early June.

Here’s what Tommy Lee said about Mötley Crüe in his recent interview:

“I call us shit magnets. For some reason, we were just at the wrong place at the right time. I look back and try to figure it out, like, ‘What the fuck just happened?

We were these four guys from fucking L.A. that somehow put a band together, and the fucking band blew up and we went around and toured the world and just created fucking mayhem everywhere.

And the four of us are still alive. I don’t even understand how that works. I think we’re all extremely, I believe, lucky. There’s talent in there, and there’s plain fucking just sheer stupidity that just has had us do what we do, I guess.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.