Tommy Lee, the co-founder of Mötley Crüe, and his wife Brittany Furlan Lee were slammed by a Twitter phenomenon for their interesting detection on the coronavirus news.

As you may remember, a short time ago Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan Lee gave an interview in which they revealed that they are having fun during the self-quarantine with the influencer stuff of Brittany. She admitted that she is kind of forcing Tommy to take videos or record podcasts. To see the details you can check out our previous article.

Recently, in one of the Tiktok videos the couple took, Tommy and Brittany shared a strange detail they found out about the number of people who were diagnosed with coronavirus.

They said on the video that when they search on Google the words ‘new cases’ with any number they type, there is always some news about that number of people with coronavirus.

Jesse McLaren, who is a Twitter phenomenon with 1.1 million followers, reacted to the videos of the couple by insulting them and blamed them for leading people to believe that coronavirus is a hoax. McLaren said that Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan Lee don’t use the social media platform effectively and conduct people the wrong way.

Here is what the phenomenon Jesse McLaren said by sharing the Tiktok video of Lees:

“Famous people are so fucking stupid.”

McLaren continued:

“Replies are full of people who believe them that this proves it’s a hoax. A percentage of them will die because of it.”

Lastly, McLaren said by mentioning Tommy and Brittany that:

Really cool use of your platforms Brittany Furlan and Tommy Lee!”

Thereafter, Brittany replied to the user and said:

“Instead of attacking people on social media why don’t you look it up yourself. It didn’t come up for one number but it comes up for every single other one. Just found it interesting. Check yourself.”

She continued:

“Also I went to Tarzana hospital for an ultrasound and there was like no one there. When I asked the nurse why – she said they cut hours because not enough people were coming in. So think about what you want. I’m not saying that corona isn’t real just find some of the numbers questionable.”

You can see the tweets of Brittany Furlan Lee below.