Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared posts to draw attention to magician and illusionist Criss Angel’s son’s struggle with cancer and supported the family.

Unfortunately, Criss Angel revealed that his son Johnny Cristopher was diagnosed with cancer, and the little boy has been fighting this disease for six years. After this long and challenging treatment process, the magician gave the good news saying JC is finally ready to ring the remission bell.

Also, Angel announced their decision to work on a short film entitled ‘1095’ to raise awareness about children’s struggle with cancer along with his Johnny Crisstopher Children’s Charitable Foundation. He stated that no network or streaming platform would air this documentary, so he released it on his Youtube channel and asked for his friends’ help.

Therefore, his close friends Tommy Lee and Paul Stanley wanted to show their support to Angel and little Johnny. They shared it on their own social media accounts to invite their fans to donate and help Angel’s foundation and the other children diagnosed with cancer.

Angel’s tweet read:

“My most important post ever, please share.

Today JC finally rings the remission bell.

No network will air our short film documenting his journey ‘1095.’

Love or hate me-lets help kids battling for their lives right now!”

Stanley responded:

“My little buddy Johnny Crisstopher is in remission in his 6 year battle against pediatric cancer. Please watch the short film his dad Criss Angel made with love and please do what you can to donate to a most worthy cause. Thank you.”

Here’s what Lee wrote:

“My dear Greek brother Criss Angel just made a short film about his son’s battle with cancer. It’s very moving and powerful and opened my eyes to the fact that over 15,000 children every year are diagnosed with cancer.

This is something that our children don’t deserve. No one deserves… If you can, please watch the entire film on YouTube. It’s called ‘1095.’ Donate to Criss’s charity for his son where 100% of the proceeds go to curing childhood cancer.”

You can check out the tweets and documentary below.