The founding member of Mötley Crüe and Methods of Mayhem, Tommy Lee announced on his Instagram account that his new collaboration with Post Malone is coming out on July 10.

Lee continued to make new songs in his solo career under the rap-metal genre, which he switched to with his second band, and recently he shared the joyful news with his fans about his new song featuring one of the most renowned rap singers of 21st century, Post Malone, and a new name in the music industry, Tyla Yaweh.

Including Lee himself this time and being the remix version of the previous collaboration of Malone and Yaweh that was named after legendary musician Tommy Lee, the song is coming sooner than we think. A section from the song is also available on the latest post of Lee.

Here is what Tommy Lee said on his Instagram post:

“We said we were gonna do it. And we did it! Friday, July 10!”

You can see Lee’s Instagram post and the original ‘Tommy Lee’ song below.