Mötley Crüe’s well-known drummer, Tommy Lee posted a new tweet on his official social media account and shared his anger to New Orleans restaurant, Emeril’s.

Here is what he wrote:

“Hey @Emeril I just was at your restaurant in New Orleans and was aggressively asked to leave because I was upset about removing my hat. I removed it and they still came up to the table and gave me a hard time. Wtf dude????

Tommy Lee’s beloved wife Brittany Furlan Lee also had an interview with TMZ about the incident and told this:

“It was actually really stupid. We literally go in there and we sit down and I have a hat on and Tommy has a hat on and the waitress, or the host or whatever goes, ‘Yeah, you have to take your hat off, sir.’ And I was, like, ‘What about my hat?’ And she’s, like ‘Your hat’s fine, but he has to take his off.

So Tommy was, like, ‘Oh, what the fuck’ and took it off and put it on his lap, and then this guy comes up to our table — we have no problem, the hat’s off everything’s cool — and is, like, ‘Excuse me, I heard you use profanity.’”

You can see the tweet and the video below.

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