Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee recently posted a tweet to target an animal abuse video that was shared by the PETA Investigation team. Lee invited everyone to take action with him to stop this cruelty.

As you probably know, Tommy Lee has been trying to raise awareness against animal abuse for a very long time as a dedicated animal rights activist and support of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Lee has collaborated with PETA many times to help the animals in need.

Some time ago, Lee wrote a letter to SeaWorld President Terry Prather and asked him to set free Tilikum, a captive killer whale. Also, he called out Alison Redford for allowing Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races, which are very dangerous for the horses. Even though they brought animal-friendly safety rules, many horses still got euthanized after wagon crashes.

In his recent tweet, Lee defined the video that was sent by PETA as a leaked sex tape. The footage shows farm workers brutally kicking, stomping, and beating turkeys to death. Lee revealed that Harris Teeter and Wegmans are the leading suppliers, and he asked his followers to join him to fight against animal abuse.

Lee’s tweet read:

“PETA sent me this leaked ‘sex tape’ that the meat industry doesn’t want us to see. Workers at ‘humane’ farms that supply to Harris Teeter and Wegmans were sexually abusing turkeys & kicking them around like footballs. Take action with me!

You can see the tweet below.

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