Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee shared a post to celebrate the band’s bassist Nikki Sixx’s birthday by calling him his gay lover and wife on his official Instagram account. Also, he made a joke about Sixx’s age.

Nikki Sixx parted ways with his band London before finding Mötley Crüe with Tommy Lee and Greg Leon who became friends while they were playing in a band called Suite 19. Lee and Sixx first met when they started to jam together, and they have been best friends since then.

Even though Mötley Crüe went through several line-up changes because of personal problems with each other, Lee and Sixx stayed together and continued to support each other no matter what happened.

In his recent IG post, Lee wished Nikki Sixx happy birthday by defining the bassist as his brother, wife, bandmate, twin, and gay lover. He stated that Sixx is 75 now even though Lee knows that he’s 63. Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan also shared laughing emojis after she read these definitions.

Lee’s IG post read:

“Happy Birthday to my brother/another wife/bandmate/terror twin and gay lover! Everyone! Wish him a happy 75th birthday.

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Tommy Lee – Instagram