The long-term drummer of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee revealed that he has teamed up with his wife Brittany Furlan on her shenanigans during the self-quarantine on the recent interview he gave to ‘The Morning Show.’

Tommy Lee and his wife Brittany Furlan unveiled the daily lives of themselves as a couple who stuck with each other in quarantine like many others. Furlan admitted jestingly that she has driven Lee crazy with her shenanigans such as taking online video and podcasting.

As an active person on social media, Brittany Furlan revealed that she expects her husband to appear in her daily influencer activities. Although most of her friends have got crazy during these times at home, Furlan said, she confessed that they are finding ways to have fun with Lee in self-quarantine.

Here is what Furlan said in the interview:

“All of my friends are going crazy because they’re stuck at home with their partners.

But we literally only hang out with each other and the dog, so life is just normal because we never leave the house anyway.”

She continued:

“And it’s actually really nice because Tommy’s a little less busy, so I can rope him into my shenanigans, which drives him crazy, but he’s such a good sport about it.

Ever since I met him, he’s just so loving and personable, fun and charismatic – he’s such a young spirit.”

You can check out the podcast of Brittany Furlan which she guested Tommy Lee in this link and see the source here.