Tommy Lee, the founding member and the drummer of Mötley Crüe, has reacted to Donald Trump on Twitter after the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, and he shared the screenshot of his message to him for everyone to see it.

As there are just weeks to go until the election on November 3, 2020, President Donald Trump and the Democratic party candidate Joe Biden attended the first presidential debate of this year. The two discussed various issues including the supreme court, COVID-19, economy, racial justice, and civil unrest.

Regarding the two-hours long contest, Trump has tweeted that Biden refused to use the term, law and order. Known for his critical views on Donald Trump and the polity of the Conservative party, Tommy Lee couldn’t stay silent again.

Lee responded to Trump by remarking that he refused to condemn racism in his speech while calling him a racist. Targetting his behaviors during the debate, Tommy Lee offered his idea that next time Trump’s mics get shut off when people have their 2 minutes to talk without his 7-years-old interruptive tantrums.

Here is what Donalt Trump said in his tweet after the event:

“Biden refused to use the term, law & order! There go the Suburbs.”

Tommy Lee said in his response, which he posted the screenshot of it:

“Yeah and you refused to condemn racism you fuckin racist!!!!! I have great idea…

How about next time your mics get shut off when people have their 2 minutes to talk without your 7-years-old interruptive tantrums!!!!”

You can see the tweets and watch the presidential debate below.