Tommy Lee’s wife and one of the most famous social media phenomenons of these days, Brittany Furlan Lee, has posted a recent episode of her ‘Worst First‘ podcast and shared the moments she had with his guest Brooks Wheelan and her husband Tommy Lee.

As you might check out the video below, Tommy shouted out to Brittany and she had to cut the podcast all of a sudden. Later on, Brooks had to talk with himself and the dogs of the Lee’s.

Brittany said that and left the podcast:

“My husband’s shouting for me. Oh, well, pause this. Hang on, wait, no we’re just going to leave it running cuz I told him I do a podcast and he just always manages to scream for me whenever I’m doing a podcast.”

Brooks Wheelan started to talk all by himself:

“Okay. How are you dogs doing? Good? Okay. Are you chilling? What’s going on? They just got a cigarette machine from the 1920s and it’s blowing Tommy’s mind.”

You can check out what Brittany Furlan Lee wrote on the caption:

“I just had the most unprofessional podcast experience and Brooks Wheelan was at the helm. He’s also one of the funniest dudes I know, a great standup and ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum so this episode is a real treat! LINK IN BIO.”

You can watch the funny video of the couple and Brooks Wheelan below.