Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee was recently interviewed by Triple M’s ‘Moonman in The Morning’ radio show and hung up the phone after being questioned of his former girlfriends despite he’s married to Brittany Furlan Lee right now.

As you will check out the conversation right below, a host named Jess Eva asked the details of his relationship with Pink, Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, Naomi Campbell, and who was the best in the bed.

After hearing the question, Tommy hung up the phone and chose to leave the conversation right away and showed how faithful he’s to his current wife, Brittany Furlan Lee.

Here is what Jess Eva asked:

“You are a hero to many men around the world because you’ve romanced some hotties in your time. Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Pink…

Out of all your lovers, who was the best one?”

After hearing the question, the line disconnected and Tommy said: “Goodbye.” After the line disconnected, Jess said that:

“Did he just hang up on me? I think we just got hung up on because you went into a no-go zone.”

You can check out the voice record right below.

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