Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee shared a statement on social media to show his reaction to the haters who urged him not to talk about politics and simply focus on his music.

As you may know, the iconic drummer Tommy Lee often takes his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on social and political matters. Tommy and his wife Brittany Furlan Lee have been also known for their strong criticism of the current president Donald Trump as they often show their reaction against his statements on various platforms.

Recently, Tommy Lee shared a note on his Instagram account revealing how much he hated  President Donald Trump by stating:

“Tommy Lee really fucking hates Donald Trump.”

Following Tommy’s message, Trump supporters shared many comments on his Instagram account to criticize his attitude towards the president. The haters urged Lee not to comment on anything related to politics and only focus on his music.

However, the harsh reaction he received from the haters didn’t stop Tommy to maintain his attitude towards Trump. On the contrary, Lee shared another statement calling haters ‘assholes‘ and asking them to unfollow him if they don’t like what they see on Mötley Crüe drummer’s Instagram page. Tommy also reminded his fans that he would continue to speak his truth no matter what and told haters to fuck off.

Here’s how Tommy Lee reacted to the criticism he received on social media:

“Hey all you assholes that tell me ‘to stick to playing drums’ I say stick to playing dumb!! Unfollow me then if you don’t like me voicing my opinion… too bad… Everyone’s opinion matters… I always have and always will speak my truth and again if ya don’t like it keep it moving or unfollow stop hanging around leaving lame ass comments on my page! Fuck off!”

You can see the statement Tommy Lee posted on his official Instagram account below.