During a conversation in VOA Music’s ‘Border Crossings,’ Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee talked about a possible Mötley Crüe album just before the holiday season but added that the band members may not be as willing to do that.

As you know, Tommy Lee continued working on his solo career upon the disbandment of Mötley Crüe and he released his latest album ‘Andro‘ in October 2020 which is an exploration of both the male and female sides of music. The album was recorded in Lee’s basement and in the tracks, Lee plays the drums and each one has a guest lead vocalist.

In his recent interview, which was actually shot in late December, but was posted some weeks ago, he talked about his upcoming album and opened up about the possibility of a possible Mötley Crüe Christmas album. He said that although the band members wouldn’t be down to do that, he is actually working on some new holiday songs.

He said that he can’t give any details about his upcoming project and but talked about the recording process. As Tommy Lee lives in California he said that recording in his studio was hard as it was too hot and they had to work with the air conditioning blasting. He gave some great news and said that the fans should be ready for a new album next Christmas.

Here’s what he said about a Mötley Crüe Christmas album:

“I don’t think the dudes in the CRÜE would be down with that. But I… It’s funny you mention that because I am working — and I can’t tell you the title yet — but I’m working on [A Christmas song]. I started working on a Christmas song a couple of months ago. And it was, like, crazy hot here [in Southern California] — we were having, like, a heatwave; it was 104-102 [degrees Fahrenheit]. And I was here in the studio, and the air conditioning was blasting, and I just wasnt in the Christmas vibe. And I went, ‘Okay, I got it going, but I’m gonna put this on hold.’ And so coming up now, during the holidays, I’m gonna get back to work on it. So next Christmas, you’ll be hearing something from me.”

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