Mötley Crüe’s iconic drummer Tommy Lee smashed the haters who criticized his new song via his official Instagram account and showed his gratitude to the director of the music videos, Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst.

As you might remember, Tommy shared two new songs from his upcoming Andro album with the collaboration of PUSH PUSH and Killvein. However, the community wasn’t expecting that these songs would be outside the rock/metal genre and criticized Tommy harshly.

Tommy responded to these comments on the caption of the post while thanking Fred Durst for his efforts. Tommy stated these songs were good and perfect and didn’t agree with the comments. He said that all of these haters are just trying to bully him.

Here is what Tommy Lee said:

Much love and thank my homie, Fred Durst, for directing the Knock Me Down and Tops videos! 💙🤟

P.s No animals or humans were hurt during the making of these videos… Only a few feelings were hurt from some haters cause they’re so fucking fire! Sorry! 😜”

A fan named Janelle Brancato wrote:

“The timing of the releases was perfect. How cool for you all. A serious congrats.”

Another fan named Katie added this comment:

“Yeah! This is very cool! I was making my coffee this morning. Some dude drives by my window playing one of your new songs blasting it! It was great! 🔥”

You can check out the post and listen to the songs below.