Mötley Crüe’s well-known drummer, Tommy Lee posted a new tweet on his official social media account.

He has started a new social media trend with this tweet, asked a question that “How bout people talk to each other.” Also, Tommy has given a meaningful answer to his own question. You can see what he give answer below.

Here’s what he said:

“Can we start a new trend? How bout people talk to each other…… F*CK TEXTING.”

A fan named Michelle commented:

“Funny you mentioned this , I told my friends and co workers last week that I will no longer be texting from now on I told them to call me.

I was thinking the same thing you are now we do need to talk to each other one on one. Glad your with me on this.”

Another fan named Maria said that:

“Ha ha good luck i don’t own a smart phone but most people go out with their kids or spouse and they all have there head in their phone so sad. I WONT CONFORM.”

You can see the tweet of Tommy below.