As you might already know, Tommy Lee’s wife and social media phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee, having guests on her long-time going podcast Worst Firsts every single week. Brittany asks questions about their memories during their first sex and many more.

Today, Brittany Furlan has posted a new video on her official Instagram page and announced her new guests for ‘Worst Firsts.’ As you will read the caption and watch the video below, Brittany has decided to host two famous pornstars this week.

Brittany’s guests are Nikki Hearts who called Brittany’s husband Tommy Lee as ‘Papa T Bone’ on her recently shared photo on her official Instagram, and yet another iconic porn star who has won many awards with ‘Fallen II: Angels & Demons,’ Leigh Raven. The couple is also married for years.

The new episode has been watched by over 5K people in a day on YouTube. We have to add that Brittany has been able to reach those numbers in one week with other guests.

After sharing the video on her official YouTube channel,

“Worst Firsts With Pornstars

This week on Worst Firsts I ask Pornstars Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts every question you’ve ever wanted to ask a pornstar. Also, they share some SERIOUS worst firsts. So put your poncho on because it’s about to get wet!”

You can check out the Instagram post and full interview below.