The wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee talked about Tommy’s sex tapes with the famous model and actress, Pamela Anderson, for the first time while revealing never-heard-before details about her marriage with Lee.

During her recent conversation on How To Talk To Girls podcast, the talented actress, comedian, and host, Brittany Furlan Lee, has opened up about her relationship with the iconic drummer, Tommy Lee, beginning from how they met to the current state of affairs in their marriage.

While admitting that she was traumatized before meeting Lee because of her former relationship, in which she was cheated, Brittany was asked how she managed to cope with the fact that her husband is a man whose name is often associated with his sex tapes with the Playboy model, Pamela Anderson.

As you may all know, Lee and Anderson had videotaped their sexual activities while on vacation. The video was stolen in 1995, released on the Internet, and became a prime example of viral pornography. According to ‘The Dirt,’ Lee claims that he was having work done at his house, and a person working at the house found the tape and sold it.

Anderson sued the video distribution company, Internet Entertainment Group. Ultimately, Lee entered into a confidential settlement agreement with IEG. Thereafter, the company began making the tape available to subscribers to its websites again, resulting in triple the normal traffic on the site.

Brittany Furlan Lee commented on the issue that she’s cool with it now. She added, in fact, she’s cool with whoever is cool with her. However, Brittany admitted that, in the beginning, she felt a little bit insecure since she was cheated on before and her friends warned her against the notoriety of Tommy.

Brittany revealed that after she told everything about her past relationship to Tommy, the drummer gave her the password to his phone and all his devices, saying anytime she feels insecure about him, she can go look at them.

The famous social media influencer also spoken of the significant age difference between them and surprisingly said that she feels much older than Tommy Lee because of her chronic fatigue which leads her to sleep 12 hours a day. During the chat, Brittany unveiled that Tommy gets up at 6 am every morning and he’s hyper whereas she’s sleepy all the time.

Here’s what Brittany Furlan Lee said about the sex tape of Tommy Lee:

“In the beginning, I was like ‘whatever’ and, you know, I was like ‘I’m cool with whoever is cool with me.’ I told him the situation I’ve been in and ‘I don’t really feel safe after that happened to me.’

And he was like ‘Oh! No worries. I just give you the password to my phone and all my devices and anytime you feel insecure you can go look at it. Anything you want.’ It was so sweet.

In the first couple of months, I checked here and there out of curiosity, and after, I was like ‘I don’t really need to.’ Every time I looked there was nothing so why am I going to keep looking, you know.

He was so nice about it and totally understood. He was like ‘Fuck that guy. Whenever I see him, I’m gonna kill him.’ He was just like a big kid, honestly.”

She continued and talked about the age difference between herself and Lee:

“People are like, ‘There’s such an age difference.’ It’s so weird because I actually am dealing with some weird health stuff, I have chronic fatigue where I’m tired a lot.

I have to get 12 hours of sleep at night. I’m very exhausted all the time. He’s like way more active than I am. I’m like 58 years old. I’m like the one who is like ‘I gotta go to bed early. I have to get 12 hours of sleep.’

I can’t get up too fast. I’m dealing with weird stuff. He gets up at 6 am and he’s hyper, he has so much energy. He can drink coffee, I can’t even drink coffee because of anxiety, I have a panic attack.

I’m just tired all the time. Again he’s great, so loving, so supportive, such a good partner honestly. We’ve been together for four years we never had a big fight. I just never felt like I couldn’t trust him.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.