The lovely wife of Mötley Crüe icon Tommy Lee and the famous TikTok phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee, posted a recent video on her Instagram page and analyzed the current situation in America.

As you might already know, George Floyd protestors got out of control yesterday, and some people from the crowd have managed to raid the shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Moncler amid the protests.

Brittany took fans’ attention to that issue and stated that these people are destroying the good cause of the other people.

Here is the description of the video:

“This video is from the 1992 riots but sadly this is still the current situation. There are some people protesting for a cause and then there are others destroying shit just to get their rocks off. Is this how we honor the death of innocent black lives?

Does stealing from stores and destroying the very communities we are trying to rebuild from a pandemic help anyone? Is this the answer?”

A follower of Brittany named Lzzy commented:

“He’s literally yelling at other black people here tho, why are you talking about dumb ass white folks?! Anyone, black or white, who is looting is a piece of shit.”

Another user named buckleykiara said that this is ‘must-to-do’ stuff to take attention:

“We’ve tried signaling petitions and scheduling meetings. Apparently this is the only way to get people like you to pay attention. Seriously do better.”

You can watch the video of Brittany below.