Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife and famous internet personality, Brittany Furlan Lee, leaked the conversation she had with the hairdresser she slammed yesterday by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account.

As you might remember, Brittany announced yesterday that she went a pretty bad hairdresser and stated that they made her hair worse. Also, Brittany revealed that the hairdresser once cut her ear with the scissors. Click here for the details.

Furthermore, the friend and colleague of this hairdresser sent a private message to Brittany and threatened her. In the messages, this person claimed that Brittany is a pretty hard customer to deal with and criticized her actions. However, Brittany didn’t step back and refused the claims.

Brittany stated that she let Brittany go out while her hair was still purple and showed how a bad business they are. Furthermore, Brittany said that they knew they did screw things up about her hair but they didn’t care about it and watched Brittany leave like that.

The friend of this hairdresser sent this message:

“You should be careful what you post on Instagram because that could easily be seen as slander in court. Obviously my friend and the business partner don’t want to do your hair after I told her what a pain in the ass of a client you are. Nobody’s fault but your own.”

Brittany Furlan Lee responded:

“You’re hilarious I didn’t even tag you. I’m a pain in the ass? Girl, you let me go out of your salon with purple hair so many fucking times. I am 100% not afraid of you, so say…”

Here is the other answer of Brittany:

“Girl you forget all the people you’ve complained about to me. At some point, you have to turn around and look in the mirror and realize that if you’re having enough problems it might not be other people.

Anyway, I’m not here to have any more drama. It would’ve been cool if you did the right thing but you didn’t, and that will be on you as far as karma is concerned. You know my hair didn’t look good in your heart and you let me leave your chair like that and charge me.

And as far as ‘drag your name’ no one mentioned your name so I don’t know why you’re even saying that. Perhaps your own guilty conscious… Who knows.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan Lee – Instagram