One of the most active social media users of our industry who calls herself as a mental health advocate and also the lovely wife of Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee, has posted a recent photo to celebrate her own 34th birthday.

2 days ago Brittany Furlan has posted a bunch of new photos with the same black lacy top on her Instagram account. Today, she took to her Twitter page and showed off some other photo that was taken from another angle.

While Britanny has the same necklace and makeup as the other photos, we may easily say that that new frame was taken on the same day and reached almost 3K likes in a really short time.

Brittany used the same message on both Instagram and Twitter and just choose to share the number of her new age. Many celebrities like John 5, Rita Lowery, Courtney Sixx, and Vince Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah has celebrated their friend’s birthday.

Here is what she simply wrote:

“THIRTY-FOUR!!!! 🌙✨”

You can check out the latest post of Brittany below.