The wife of iconic Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee has reacted to the paparazzi who caught the couple during their latest public appearance while riding their bikes and Brittany holding a bag of antidepressant.

The comedian, influencer, and the host of her podcast, ‘Worst Firsts,‘ in which she talks about the funny date and relationship experiences with her guests, Brittany Furlan Lee has displayed her great sense of humor and strong personality once again.

As you may remember, Brittany has revealed the hilarious act of her mother related to the social media platform OnlyFans and mocked the rumors that she is pregnant on social media lately.

Loves to make fun of herself and her beloved ones, she didn’t surprise her fans with her outspoken manners about a recent trip with Tommy Lee. The couple has taken a ride on electric bikes over the weekend through traffic in Los Angeles.

In addition to their photos on their bikes, some shots of Brittany picking up her antidepressants were revealed on the internet. She has posted one of these pictures on Instagram Stories and said the fact that the paparazzi caught her like that is very on par for herself.

Here is what Brittany Furlan Lee said in her recent story:

“This paparazzi shot of me picking up my antidepressant is very on par for me.”

You can see the story below and check out the source here.

Photo Credits: Brittany Furlan Lee – Instagram Stories