Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife and famous internet personality, Brittany Furlan Lee, flaunted her flawless body by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account and explained how her tits grow up.

As you can see in the picture below, Brittany was on the outside and taking a selfie to make a commercial for her sponsor. She was wearing a black bikini top that couldn’t hide her breasts and looking gorgeous with perfect makeup on her face.

Furthermore, one of the fans of Brittany couldn’t believe her breasts are real and questioned the naturalism of her tits because they grew up time after time. However, there is no such thing according to Brittany. She said that she has been eating so much after her marriage and that’s why they are growing so much.

Here is what Brittany Furlan Lee captioned:

“Thanks to these little babies I can not get travel anxiety. Relax capsules and relax tincture both contain pure CBD and Ashwhaghanda Root for the ultimate chill…”

A fan named Amber added this comment:

“How… How are those your real tits?! Blessed, you are. 💚”

Brittany replied:

“I’ve been eating a lot since I got married 😩”

You can check out the post bleow.