Mötley Crüe shared an old photo of the band on Instagram, and Tommy Lee’s comment went viral as many fans laughed and stated that it’s the comment of the year.

Usually, Nikki Sixx is the person that comments on posts on Instagram or shares controversial captions that make the headlines. However, it was the band’s drummer Tommy Lee who engaged with his fans and made them laugh this time. 

The band’s Instagram account managers posted a photo of Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Tommy Lee standing in front of a plane next to another man. They seem to be laughing and posing, but what grabbed many fans’ attention was their outfits with hi-tops and shorts.

Here is what they stated in the caption:

“Right…it’s Friday

Sweatpants check

Shorts check

Hi Tops check

Plane check

Where are we going?!”

Tommy Lee was apparently amused to see the photo and couldn’t refrain himself from commenting. His comment received over 200 likes, and a fan even stated that it is the comment of the year.

Here is what Lee commented:

“Omg! Dick Danger (Dangerous Airways) our pilot is missing in this pic! He must have been doing rails…”

A fan answered, stating:

“T.Lee comment of the year.”

Another one wrote:

“Where to; Pablo Escobar’s house hahahaha.”

The fans also asked where Mick Mars was in the picture, and the band replied in a funny way that also made the fans laugh. As it turns out, Mars wasn’t in the photo because he was the one taking it. The fans also made fun of Mick by stating that he is the guy to the left with a mustache and that he looked like that when he was younger. 

Here is what a fan wrote about where Mick Mars is:

“No, he’s the guy all the way to the left! That’s what he looked like at a young age.

Another fan commented:

“He is in his apartment and watching looney toons.

A fan also said:

“Mick is too cool to be seen with that bunch of nerds.”

Usually, their fans see the band in their cool metal look with leather costumes, big hair, and scary make-up. This post probably made their day especially because they got to see the band in red sweatpants, crop tops, and shorts, just casually posing in front of an old plane.

You can see the Instagram photo below.

Photo Credit: Mötley Crüe – Instagram Page
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