Mötlet Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan Lee has posted a new tweet on her verified Twitter account, breaking her silence about having children with her husband.

As we all know, Tommy and Brittany don’t have children yet, and also their fans wonder when the couple will decide to have children.

Brittany Furlan broke her silence about having a baby on social media, making a really hilarious statement about it.

Here’s what Brittany Furlan wrote:

“God prolly won’t give me children because if those mfs aren’t funny I’m throwin em away”

A Twitter user named estranged85 commented and said this:

“This is hilarious 🖤”

Another fan named honestydarlene wrote this:

“You are too freaking funny!😂🤣”

Check out the tweet below.

Back on January 16, an Instagram fan stopped in the comment section to show her curiosity about the pregnancy situation of Brittany.

A fan named Ikellyk asked:

“Are you pregnant?”

Brittany responded:

“No, just eating good.”

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