Brittany Furlan Lee, the wife of the drummer and a founding member of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, shared two posts on her official Twitter page and revealed her highly selfless and empath side during therapy sessions.

Brittany Furlan Lee is quite an active social media user and she is absolutely hilarious with her post on her official Twitter page. There seems to be a funny side with everything she posts on her page and all her tweets sound witty and fun. Britanny even recently turned the Presidential Debate into a humor material and fans were delighted.

Here is what she said:

“I literally feel like I’m watching 2 petty ass girls fighting. #PresidentialDebate2020

Brittany Furlan Lee recently shared a post on her official Twitter page and while she kept it funny as usual she also opened up about her feelings and made a poll whether her fans agree with her on feeling bad about talking only about her issues during a therapy session and start asking the therapist about him or her in order to be kind.

Here is what Brittany said:

“Anyone else such a people pleaser/empath that you feel bad about talking about yourself so much during therapy so you start asking the therapist about their life/struggles just to be polite or is that just a me thing?”

While the result shows that most of the people do exactly the same thing with nearly 72% agreed with Brittany, she kept opening about her emotions and shared another post on her official Twitter page stating that she feels like she is draining their emotional battery.

Here is how she continued:

“And then I worry that I’m draining their emotional battery even though this is their job and I’m paying them.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.