Mötley Crüe’s iconic drummer, Tommy Lee’s lovely wife and famous TikTok phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee posted a recent video on her official Twitter account today.

As you might watch the video right below, she responded to some of her followers who sent one of her iconic videos that she criticized video filtres with a ‘vagina’ referance.

Here is what some of her followers named Erin Nicole wrote:

“I CANT with her 😂😂


(she has a point tho)”

You can watch that controversial video right below.

Last week, Tommy Lee has shared a really funny video of himself with his friend Neena Da Weena on his certified Instagram page.

In the video, Tommy is having a good time with his dog Neena Da Weena in the bedroom.

Here’s what he captioned:

“My dog’s whines sound like farts W҉T҉F҉ 🤦🏻‍♂️ ewww get outta here!”

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