Brittany Furlan Lee, the wife of the founding member and drummer of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, shared a gorgeous selfie on her official Instagram page with a brand new hairstyle and it turned out that she has been her own hairstylist for her new look.

Brittany Furlan Lee is often known for her quirky personality and fun content on her social media accounts. Lee often shares funny videos of herself, sneak peeks from her podcasts, cool pictures of herself, and her husband Tommy Lee on her official Instagram page.

Brittany‘s last picture was not an exception, she shared a beautiful selfie with a beaming smile on her face and her brand new hair color took fans’ attention. A fan asked in the comments section her hairdresser and praised Brittany’s new hair look and Lee revealed that it was actually herself who did that vibrant purple hair.

Here is what her fan said:

“Man I need to go to your colorist! Mine won’t do shit because they say my hair is ‘highly comprised.’ Mother F! Isn’t every chick’s hair damaged? You look bomb.”

Here is how Brittany answered:

I did this myself.”

As you may remember, Brittany actually posted a before and after video of herself with her new hair color yet her fans did not know she was crafty enough to dye her hair on her own with such a bold color until now and everyone absolutely loved her new look.

You can see the Instagram post below.

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Man, life is dope ✨

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