Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan Lee shared several videos of herself on her official Instagram stories while crying after she saw a dream about her recently deceased Yorkie named Wicky.

Both Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan Lee have a huge love for animals and the couple has two extremely cute dogs named Neena Da Weena and Wicky. Both dogs have been a huge part of their lives, even joining them for photoshoots and fans love seeing them.

As you may know, Brittany Lee recently shared an update about her little dog Wicky on Twitter after revealing that Wicky was not feeling well. Unfortunately, soon later, Brittany announced the death of her adorable dog Wicky with a heartbreaking statement she posted on her social media accounts.

Recently, Brittany Furlan shared videos of herself while crying on her official Instagram stories after seeing a dream about Wicky. As you will see in the videos below, the famous social media influencer opened up about her dream stating that her little dog was still there waiting for her in a room and looking completely fine while giving her kisses.

Here is what Brittany said in her latest videos:

“I just woke up and last night I had a dream and I went into a room and he was there. He stood on me he was giving me kisses. I was like ‘I thought you were gone,’ he wasn’t gone, he came and he gave me kisses.”

You can see the Instagram stories below.