Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife and social media phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee, has made a new announcement about her podcast and captivated the fans with her beauty.

As you might remember, Brittany revealed her thoughts about anxiety yesterday and wrote a letter to this disease for saying goodbye. She stated that anxiety made her life worse than it is, and she looks forward to having a life without it.

After this open letter from Brittany, the fans should have sent lots of messages to her about anxiety, and she thought that bringing her therapist, Julia Alperovich, into the podcast would be great. Also, she stated that everybody could ask any questions during the show.

In the video, Brittany was chilling outside of the house and doing a sunbath during the self-quarantine. Furthermore, she was looking gorgeous with a red bikini top that suits her perfect body.

Here is what Brittany Furlan Lee said:

“Hello everyone, me here from the bunker, I’m having my therapist on the podcast tonight because she has been isolating for two weeks. And I decided that I’m gonna have you guys ask any questions that you need answers by the therapist on this episode of Worst Firsts.

Also, gonna read ‘your worst’ but any questions that you have relationship advice, anything you need, send them to the DM’s and we will address them on the podcast.”

You can check out the video below.

Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan Lee – Instagram