Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee’s wife and a famous podcast host of ‘Worst First Dates’, Brittany Furlan Lee, shared the recent episode of her show and revealed her favorite dating app ever.

As Brittany called the app named ‘Bumble’ as her favorite dating app, she also confessed that she’s met with her current husband Tommy Lee using yet another dating application.

Here are her statements, transcribed by Metalheadzone:

“I would just start having a great time because you know what that’s one way to make the best of a hard situation. Take your lemons, make some goddamn lemonade, put some vodka in it and girl you go to town you have fun.

With that said I want to get started telling you guys some of these worse because I actually went on my story and said hey if anybody has any worse stories please send them to me because I want to hear your worst online dating stories.

See like I said there’s a ton of success stories like look at me I got married and I’m so happy and my husband’s amazing and everything’s perfect.”

She continued:

“Online dating is kind of the best way to hang out without really hanging out. One of my favorite apps, if you guys haven’t downloaded any online dating apps I know there’s a lot out there but if you haven’t downloaded any yet you should definitely try Bumble.

That was one of my favorite ones as a female and I’ll tell you why. Okay, it was my favorite because I like to initiate the conversation which was cool. So, as a female, I initiated the conversation which is cool for guys because then if the girl initiates the conversation they know she’s interested.”

You can watch the whole podcast right below.