The wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee has opened up about her chronic health issues which led to some serious problems within her marriage while admitting that Tommy was lonely and concerned lately because of her.

Within the course of her latest conversation on the How To Talk To Girls podcast, the Los Angeles-based social media celebrity and comedian, Brittany Furlan Lee, has spoken about her critical health issues, which initially prevented her from maintaining a casual life and marriage.

When she was asked if she and Tommy had a big fight, Brittany stated that they actually did since they have been dealing with her chronic fatigue situation which made her really tired all the time. The gorgeous comedian revealed that she was having trouble getting up before 2 pm whereas her husband wakes up at 6 am every day.

According to Brittany, while she was sleeping nearly the whole day, Tommy was all by himself and really missed her. She said that was a situation Tommy Lee came and talked to her about, and they fixed it with her conscious effort.

Having seen Tommy lonely and concerned, Brittany Furlan Lee said that she began to go to bed earlier and set an alarm to wake up at noon. They, now, go on hanging out and talk about what they’re doing for the day, she added.

Here’s what Brittany Furlan Lee said when asked if she and Tommy had a big fight lately:

“It happened recently because I’m struggling with a chronic fatigue situation where I’m just really tired all the time. I was just having trouble getting up before 2 pm.

My husband wakes up at 6 am and he was like ‘Dude! I’m alone by myself when you sleep all day and it’s really sad. I miss you and I wanna hang out with you. Do you think there is any way you can set an alarm and wake up at 12? Maybe you can just go to bed earlier so you can get better sleep but also we can hang out.’

And I was like ‘Yeah. Of course.’ That was a recent thing. Now I’m making a conscious effort. It’s just crazy that I set an alarm to wake up at 12 pm.

But, yeah, so I get up and go on hanging out with him and we talk about what we’re doing for the day. That was a situation he came and talked to me and we fixed it. He was lonely and concerned.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.