One of the most popular Viner of all time and lovely wife of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Brittany Furlan Lee shared live footage from her bed today.

As you might check out the video of Brittany Furlan below, she shared the cutest acts of her lovely dog in her official Twitter account. You would easily see that her dog is very keen on sleeping and does not even think about getting off.

Here is what Brittany wrote about the video:

“Should I get up?


A user named Michelle commented on the video:

“So cute♥️ Wicky’s like no mama it’s Sunday and I’m staying in bed🐕🐾💤”

Another user named Staci Lou wrote this:

“Fluffy blankets, a precious dog, and Tommy! Why would you want to?? Lol”

You can watch the video right below.