Brittany Furlan Lee, who is the phenomenon social media personality and also the wife of Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, has posted a new video on her Twitter account to pay attention to a serious mental illness which is anxiety.

We already knew that Brittany suffered from anxiety several times, and she never hides her mental health problems. Also, she has been always supportive of the foundations who are fighting against anxiety.

But this time, she shared a humorous video about mental health problems. As you can see below, Brittany posted a video of a German psychiatrist in which he was talking about mental health amid the lockdown days because of the global epidemic.

Here’s what German psychiatrist said in the video:

“Since we are currently flooded with calls, we want to let you know that in times of quarantine, it is completely normal if you talk with walls, flowers, and some other items. Please only call us, when they are talking with you.”

A fan named ‘Metal Mama’ commented on the video by saying:

“Well…at least I know that all the money I’m about to spend of a Masters in Mental Health won’t be a waste cause…unfortunately, there are going to be plenty of people who will need a therapist when this is over….if I could work now I would…but need that Masters!”

Check out the video below.