Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s beloved wife and a famous Vine phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee, has shared another interesting tweet about the vacation experience of the people who have anxiety.

We all know that Brittany has struggled with anxiety for a while, and she never hide it from the fans.

In the tweet, Brittany has made a realist statement about the people who have anxiety, and she explained what they have to do before going on a vacation.

Here’s the statement of Brittany:

“Regular people goin on vacation: I’m so excited! This is gonna be great! A well-needed break!

People w/ anxiety going on vacation: Oh no, I have to leave the safety of my home? What if the plane crashes?

What if there are no good hospitals near where I’m staying? I don’t wanna go.”

A user named Tiffany Mckim commented:

“I feel like a lot of people are both… especially once you become a parent, your mind wanders to so many things. It’s unstoppable.”

Another user named Elaine Zeoli Army wrote this:

“I’m in the middle; I DO make sure there is a good hospital within a reasonable distance of where I’m staying, just in case lol.”

You can see the tweet of Brittany Furlan Lee below.