Mötley Crüe’s well-known drummer, Tommy Lee’s long-time wife, and famous social media phenomenon, Brittany Furlan Lee posted a new video on his Twitter account.

As you might watch the video below, Brittany Furlan Lee revealed the process of her being a celebrity via her iconic video on Vine.

Here is what Brittany reposted:

“Fame can change your WHOLE life. Get to know vine star Brittany Furlan’s #TrueHollywoodStory this Sunday 10/9c on E!”

A user named Reene Sergi commented and said that:

“Wow I love her and I’m a fan of her, I’m so excited to watch this. I’m looking forward to this. She is so amazing and cool.”

Another user named Keet wrote this:

“Set to record, I can’t wait!!!”

You can watch the video and see the whole story of Brittany Furlan Lee: