Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee’s wife and one of the most famous TikTok users in the world, Brittany Furlan Lee, posted a new photo on her official Instagram page to show her new hairstyle with the followers.

As the fans stunned by Brittany’s great-looking aqua-blue colored hair, the truth came up with the caption of the photo. Brittany tagged a famous wig brand René of Paris, and she admitted that she was using a wig while they were shooting this frame.

She also tagged her lovely wife Tommy Lee and another famous vocalist, Fred Durst on the photo.

Here is what Brittany wrote in the caption:

Coming s👀n!

Smashing Pumpkins star William Patrrick Corgan commented:

“Ha! 3 of my favorite people, together in one movie!”

Another user named ktbmommy wrote this:

“It’s like 80’s, 90’s & early 00’s just created a Holy Trinity”

You can check out the photo below.

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Coming s👀n!

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