The famous drummer and musician of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee’s lovely wife, Brittany Furlan Lee shared a new photo about their latest trip to Holland & Italy.

As you will read the caption below, Brittany Furlan Lee stated that she made a really bizarre ‘penis joke’ to Tommy Lee.

Here is the details of their trip:

“Italia, Amsterdam, it’s been a blast. Here’s some things I learned:

1. Italians will serve you bread with every meal, even cereal, and if you order bread they will serve you some bread to go with your bread.

2. Never tell an Italian woman you aren’t hungry, she won’t understand you and will proceed to order you 35 entrees as a “light snack”.

3. Constant eating is admired and rewarded in all of Europe but everyone is thin (WTF).

4. Everyone in Amsterdam is a model.

5. They ride bikes everywhere in Amsterdam, hence why they’re so fit and it’s not some Mary Poppins shit, they will kill a bitch if you cut them off.

6. ”Ik hou van mijn penis” means “I love my Penis” in Dutch and I told Tommy it meant “I love this place” and proceeded to let him say it to every person we met. Good times”