Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife, Brittany Furlan has uploaded a new video on her official Instagram page and revealed a little-known side of actor Jason Biggs.

In a recent episode on Worst Firsts, Brittany Furlan hosted Hollywood actor Jason Biggs, who is played Jim Levenstein in the American Pie comedy film series. The actor admitted that he did not know how to kiss until the American Pie film.

In case, Brittany stated that Jason had his first kiss when he was 45 years old, he’s 41 right now, and he stated that his first kiss was during the shooting of American Pie. He also talked about his extremely funny experiences during the screen test of the movie.

Here’s what Jason Biggs stated:

“I just never saw friends, never had friends. It was just really kind of a weird time. So of course, I don’t like date anyone didn’t have a girlfriend, didn’t kiss anyone. So boom, all of a sudden this role comes and screen test comes I’ve got to kiss, make out four different girls, by the way, who are like hot actress girls.”

Brittany chimed in:

“Super hot. Right? Like way hotter than they should be at their age. They’re like why’s this girl have tits? She’s 13 like it doesn’t make sense like f*ck. It’s crazy, right?. You’re standing there, what, sweating?”

Jason answered and continued:

“Yes. Sweating balls. Just freaking the fuck out. They are like is he okay. Just freaking the fuck out. Honestly, the whole experience ended up being kind of blurry.”

Brittany chimed in:

“You passed out on them.”

Jason continued:

“You know what? I might not have even been there. They might have carried my body over to Bellevue, and, I don’t know, I woke up in the hospital.”

A fan named jofficial commented and said:

“The frozen story! 🙆🏻‍♂️”

Another fan named jorgeleyton wrote:

“Haven’t heard the episode, but really? 45?!”

See the Instagram video below.