Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s wife and internet personality, Brittany Furlan Lee, revealed why she is freaked out during the ‘Reading Your Real Ghost Encounters’ episode of her ‘Worst First’ show.

As you might remember, Brittany having lots of troubles with anxiety, and she even said farewell to it with an emotional letter she wrote on Instagram. However, this time she was affected by something else, the ghosts.

In the video, the dog of the couple, Nina, barked in the middle of the podcast and freaked out Brittany. First, Brittany thought that Nina barked to Tommy. However, she realized that Tommy was chilling downstairs and not even close to the room.

Afterward, Nina started to look at the hallway and freaked out Brittany again. Also, there was an orb that goes across the screen after this moment.

Additionally, Brittany stated that they were reading all the ghost stories and bringing the energy in the room, and this might be the reason why this issue happened.

Here is what Brittany Furlan Lee wrote:

“Okey, I’m officially freaked out. I had you guys write me your Worst First ghost stories, and as I was reading your stories Neena started barking out of nowhere into the dark hallway upstairs. I thought that it was maybe Tommy trying to scare me but then I heard him talking all the way downstairs.

Shortly after you will see an orb go across the screen on the lower right-hand side. Swipe to the next video for a closer look. I put the link in my bio up top if you guys want to watch the YouTube video, you guys told me some really scary stories and I’m definitely going to do a part two 😳”

A fan named Ahdri added this comment:

“Yea, it’s a spirit, but go with your gut! If it’s a neutral feeling, you’re fine🙏🏼”

Brittany Furlan Lee replied:

“I don’t feel scared usually… Though I feel a presence… Nothing happens though.”

Another fan named Joey said:

“Animals can see spirits. You were not alone in that room.”

You can check out the post below.