The well-known drummer of Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee’s beloved wife and famous Vine & TikTok user on social media, Brittany Furlan Lee posted a recent photo on her verified Instagram page today.

Brittany indicated that the makeup routines of the kids completely changed from the 90s to these days and revealed that she can barely draw her lip liner when she was 7.

Here is what’s written on the photo:

“Kids playing with makeup in the 90s…

Kids playing with makeup in 2017.”

Here is the caption of Brittany:

“I can barely draw my lip liner even, meanwhile 7-year-old.

Kaylie got a whole snatched face, 7 million YouTube subscribers and a contract with Revlon.”

A user named kateri__marie commented and said that:

“This is so beyond accurate! I love makeup but hate wearing it so it’s always just my face ha! A 10-year-old can do better makeup than me!”

You can find out the photo of Brittany right below.