One of the most famous Vine & TikTok celebrities all over the world, Brittany Furlan Lee posted new photos and videos on her Instagram Stories today and acted like she’s 7 years old.

As you might check out the video of Mötley Crüe legend Tommy Lee’s wife right below, she took that video with her bathrobe in her house.

Here is what’s written on the video:

7 year old me:

“How does Santa fit down the chimney because he’s kinda fat???”

My brother:

“Are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”

You can watch the video of Brittany below.

Last month, Tommy Lee’s beloved wife Brittany Furlan posted a hilarious video of herself with Tommy on her official Instagram page.

In the shared video, Brittany repeatedly annoying Tommy by saying, “Hello, how are you today!”. We can see from the reactions of Tommy Lee that Brittany’s behavior was really annoying for him.

The text on the video says:

“Day #10.000 of me annoying the shit out of my husband”

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