Tommy Lee’s lovely wife and well-known social media personality, Brittany Furlan Lee posted a recent photo on her verified Instagram Story and shared her private conversation.

As you might see the dialog below, Brittany Furlan Lee had a funny conversation over a misunderstanding of the LA-based jewelry brand, G.ROCK who said that Brittany is expecting a baby.

G.Rock wrote this:

“I heard you were expecting and wanted to congratulate you! I wanted to design a ring for you with the babies’ names as a gift if you’d like. Please let me know and again big congrats!


Brittany Furlan responded:

“Im’not expecting lol!!! Who told you that?”

G.Rock apologized and wrote this:

“Omg! Someone I know that’s a fan saw  you actually and they said you had a bump.

I’m so sorry.”

Brittany responded:

“Lmao Nah. Just my fat stomach.”

You can see the screenshot of the conversation below.